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Enter your faceit nickname above and click the button to get your faceit stats, faceit elo and progress. Please note: The faceit username is case sensitive. This means you should type in 'NicKnaMe' instead of 'nickname' if your faceit nickname is 'NicKnaMe' in order to get your faceit stats. It will not work otherwise.

About faceit-stats.me:

Faceit Stats is a webtool that is used to check your CS:GO stats for the popular competitive FACEIT platform. You can check your faceit progress, your faceit elo, faceit level, match history, Headshot Percentage, HLTV Rating, ELO needed for next level and in depth statistics for every match. Implementation of statistics for other games that are on faceit (DOTA, CS:GO Danger Zone, Player Unknown: Battle Grounds, etc.) is planned in the future. This website can be used as a free faceit elo checker. If you would like to support this website you can donate some steam items using the button on the top right. Best of luck to all visitors if you need any help feel free to write an email.

Latest Updates to Faceit-Stats.me:

Faceit ELO Progress Update

faceit-stats.me faceit stat, faceit elo progress update. check faceit elo progress from stats page

In today's update faceit-stats is getting a new chart that represents the user's ELO progress from the user's previous 20 faceit matches. With the new chart you will be able to see your faceit elo progress from a new perspective. It is planned in the future to add this chart for k/d ration, headshot percentage and other stats.
In addition we have added share buttons so you can share your faceit stats with your friends on all social media.


Chart update

Faceit Stats Update How Much Faceit Elo Players Need For Next Level faceit-stats Check progress latest updates
Players can now check their faceit level alongside their Faceit ELO and see how much elo they need to reach the next level.
From now on your stats page on faceit stats will have a chart similar to the one on the image to the left that will display your Faceit ELO and progress to the next Faceit Level.

If you have any ideas that would imporove faceit-stats feel free to send us an email.

ideas @ faceit-stats . me


Faceit-Stats.me Is Now Live !

Welcome to faceit stats, a brand new lightweight website for checking your ELO, match history and statistics on faceit. Just simply type in your faceit username in the box above and click the 'Get Stats' button. Keep in mind nicknames are case sensitive. Latest Updates will be shown on the home page, more features coming soon.
If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us by email.


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